Revolutionising Maritime Safety

What HiLo can do for you

HiLo Maritime Risk Management is saving lives in the shipping industry by changing the way companies address risk. HiLo analyses thousands of data points using a predictive risk model, producing recommendations for improved safety onboard. Armed with this information, companies using HiLo analysis can stop catastrophes in their tracks.

Secure Data Analysis

The HiLo fleet is made up of around 3500 ships (2200 tankers, 800 bulk carriers and 500 container ships). The data is protected and anonymised to create insights for all HiLo subscribers.

Anchored in Real Life

HiLo uses near miss and incident data already collected onboard, around 10,000 every month. HiLo filters out the noise, leaving approximately 1000 events for analysis.

Actionable Insights

HiLo uses a powerful predictive modelling tool and maritime experts to provide risk analysis and industry good practices. HiLo empowers shipping companies to make the best decisions.


The shipping industry is vital for society, carrying 90% of goods transported globally, but it can also be a dangerous industry. High impact shipping incidents can lead to injuries, fatalities and environmental damage.

HiLo (High Impact Low Frequency) Maritime Risk Management is a not for profit joint industry initiative which uses a predictive mathematical model to enhance industry safety. By reading and analysing several precursors (weak signals), HiLo can predict the likelihood of more serious events. This information guides partner actions, helping to avoid potential high impact incidents.

HiLo Maritime Risk Management welcomes new partners. The more the industry collaborates, the greater the quantity of data and the more effective this program will be.



To see how HiLo can help improve safety for your fleet, send us a message.

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