HiLo – Who Are We?

HiLo’s purpose is to save lives in the maritime industry. HiLo Maritime Risk Management has unprecedented access to the full internal data of shipping companies. HiLo uses big data predictive analytics to improve the safety of mariners , identifying risk areas missed by other systems. Using the power of data, we provide our subscribers with regular, easy to understand risk analysis to help them prevent maritime incidents.

We’re proud to have created one of the world’s most sophisticated predictive modelling systems to transform the way the maritime industry uses its data. Our industry-changing statistical modelling system analyses shipping companies’ data to pinpoint the biggest risks for our subscribers. Every report is tailored, giving each subscriber visibility of the issues most relevant to them. Our data collection system is highly secure and covers every type of data that can have an impact on maritime safety.

While many companies collect data from safety management systems, HiLo’s detailed analysis also covers our subscribers’ inspections and audits, machinery breakdown data, port documentation and more. HiLo collects all of this information directly from our subscribers and standardises it before running the risk analysis. This makes HiLo’s analysis the most accurate in the industry – we identify leading indicators that are missed elsewhere.

The Team

Our maritime experts have first-hand knowledge of the risks crews face at sea. Our many former captains use their experience to improve the safety of fellow mariners.

Our statisticians calculate the likelihood and severity of incidents, showing you where to act for the biggest impact.

Our technology team has created an interface that is simple and easy to use, putting the insights you need right at your fingertips.

What can HiLo do for you?

HiLo transforms your data into easily actionable insights. You no longer have to troll through mountains of information – HiLo’s automated system standardises and analyses it for you. HiLo uses sophisticated predictive modelling to turn day to day shipping data into lifesaving, tailored risk analysis. With subscribers sharing their vessel data all over the world, HiLo is changing the future of maritime safety.

We believe it is impossible for shipping companies to make the right safety decisions without the correct information. HiLo gives you the opportunity to see what is really happening in your fleet. Because we collect data from across departments and databases, you can be confident that nothing has been missed. We take ships’ data and use advanced predictive modelling techniques to alert decision-makers to the real risks facing their own vessels and crew.

As well as flagging the biggest risks to vessels with detailed reports and visual dashboards, we work to provide our members with practical solutions which are easy to implement and effective in the long term. CUPID, our knowledge-sharing forum, gives shipping companies the chance to share their solutions in a safe, anonymised space, improving safety for the whole subscriber base.


How it Works?


HiLo’s customers submit their existing internal data using HiLo’s simple, automated process. Data is anonymised and secured in HiLo’s portal.


HiLo’s team of maritime experts review the data and process it through our industry-leading predictive model.


HiLo’s user friendly web application displays the highest risks for each company and highlights the areas to focus for the greatest impact on safety.


Hilo’s members use our community platform (CUPID) to share proven good practices based on the real-life experiences of fellow subscribers.




What Makes HiLo Different?

No matter how much time and effort companies channel into improving safety, traditional methods do not provide the information shipping companies need to prevent incidents. HiLo’s big data analysis bridges this gap. By working together and sharing our data anonymously, we have the power to make the seas a safer place to work for everyone.

HiLo approaches data collection differently. Rather than focusing solely on incident databases, HiLo collects full data sets, including audit and inspection data, and equipment maintenance information. These data sets contain vital leading indicators for potentially catastrophic events. HiLo standardises and analysis this data, so you don’t have to.

HiLo has analysed risks for over 4000 ships and hundreds of thousands of events. Our sole aim is to use data to aid the shipping industry in preventing high impact, low-frequency events. We are dedicated to protecting seafarers, shielding assets, and saving costs for our customers.

How HiLo came to be

HiLo was founded in 2014 by Shell Shipping, Maritime Maersk Tankers A/S, and Lloyd’s Register Consulting, before becoming an independent company in 2018. Today, HiLo is one of the world’s leading shipping risk management companies.

The HiLo model has been tested and reviewed at every stage of development to make sure it is accurate. The first prototype was peer-reviewed by experts at Imperial College London. In the second stage, the model was piloted by Gaslog, Maran Gas, Northern Marine, Stolt, Teekay, Torm, Tsakos Columbia Ship Management and V Ships and the statistics were reviewed by The Alan Turing Institute. The HiLo product was finalised in January 2018, with incorporation of a completely independent company in April 2018. Subscribers have seen significant improvements in safety, reducing their numbers of incidents and overall risk since joining HiLo.

High impact, low frequency events are difficult to predict within the maritime industry. HiLo identifies the highest risks for shipping companies using big data analysis and cutting-edge predictive modelling. We have a strong community of maritime members who share proven solutions based on real-life experiences, supporting one another to embrace maritime good practices.

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