HiLo is the only risk management company in the world using big data analytics to predict and prevent maritime catastrophes. HiLo was founded in 2014 by Shell Shipping, Maritime Maersk Tankers A/S, and Lloyd’s Register Consulting and became an independent company in 2018. We identify the highest risks for shipping companies using the data they collect internally day-to-day, and our community shares proven solutions based on real life experience. Our riskanalytics use predictive modelling to identify which low-level incidents need immediate attention to safeguard shipping companies from potential high impact disasters.

HiLo uses a data-based statistical model to improve safety for seafarers through its Maritime Industry Knowledge Centre. The database was created by maritime and statistics experts who analysed thousands of cause and effect relationships. The HiLo team used statistical calculations and maritime data to build a network of interconnected events – from daily warning signals to high impact incidents.

We have analysed risks for approximately 4800 ships and 150,000 events from 2016 to 2020. Our aim is to aid the shipping industry in preventing high impact, low-frequency events, protecting seafarers, shielding assets and saving cost.

Vision Statement

HiLo’s vision is to use big data analytics to save lives across the maritime industry.

As the maritime industry’s knowledge centre, HiLo is uniquely placed to accurately predict high impact incidents, empowering shipping companies to improve safety worldwide.


HiLo’s mission is to connect the whole maritime industry through data, from industry bodies to P&I Clubs, and from manufacturers to the ship managers who use their products; ensuring mariners have the best guidance, the best equipment and the best protection from hazardous situations.

How it works

HiLo’s Maritime Industry Knowledge Centre uses the industry’s best source of data to predict maritime incidents. HiLo’s interactive portal makes the process simple and easy to access.

  • 1. HiLo customers submit their internal data set using HiLo’s fully automated, secure portal.
  • 2. HiLo’s maritime experts review the data and run it through HiLo’s world leading predictive model.
  • 3. Interactive dashboards clearly show shipping companies where to focus for the biggest impact on safety.
  • 4. HiLo’s community forum – CUPID – shares industry good practices to tackle safety issues using real-life maritime experience.

What Differentiates HiLo from others:

HiLo is the only company in the shipping industry using big data predictive analytics to improve safety. The analysis is based on the internal safety data collected by shipping companies across the sector as part of their daily process. Our system is secure and anonymised, protecting client data anonymity while providing tools to improvemaritime safety. Our data collection system covers every part of shipping, from micro to macro, leaving no information untouched.

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