Changing the future of the maritime industry

Changing the future of the maritime industry

By Mahima | June 10th, 2021

Innovation is changing the landscape of the maritime industry. From the digitalisation of vessels to meeting carbon-neutral deadlines, new technologies are propelling the shipping sector towards a brighter future. We know that shipping companies are committed to continuously improving wherever they can, and we’re more united in our efforts for positive change than ever before.

To continue to make progress as an industry, we all need to be on board. Using the latest innovation to achieve our goals helps us to keep moving in the right direction – towards a safer and more efficient tomorrow.

For individual companies, continuous positive development means focusing on what matters the most and finding the right advancements to help achieve your goals. Whether you’re working towards an improved safety record or a more digitalised approach to handling your data, the dawn of digitalisation means there’s a solution within reach.

The growing role of innovation

Nobody wants to be left behind, but the good news is that embracing innovation doesn’t need to be daunting. Companies of all sizes are already using new technologies to meet their business goals and cultivating a relationship with innovation that works for them. As the sector edges ever closer to low carbon shipping, innovation is playing a key role in helping the industry to meet its targets.

ABS is currently running a Joint Development Project (JDP) with the Maersk McKinney Moller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping and key players from the shipping and offshore industries. Together, some of the world’s biggest names in shipping are assessing the potential conversion of existing vessels to zero-carbon fuels and technology.  The project partners are focusing on container ships, tankers and bulk carriers to assess the feasibility of a step away from fossil-based fuels in the future.

The world’s ports may not be known specifically for their innovation, but as smart ports continue to be developed on a global scale, even that’s about to change. As the pressures of global trade continue to evolve, it’s going to be more important than ever that our ports incorporate streamlined processes and new technologies to offer a brighter and more connected experience. As more ports say yes to digitalisation, the concept of the smart port is rapidly proving itself to the industry.

How HiLo uses leading predictive modelling to save lives

As innovation continues to make waves throughout the shipping sector, one of its most important applications will always be to keep our seafarers safe. Ensuring our crews get home from every voyage safely is paramount to all shipping companies, and HiLo is already using industry-leading predictive modelling to make the seas safer for everyone.

HiLo has developed a powerful predictive model that highlights leading incidents before they become dangerous to HiLo’s subscribers. Our easy to use portal flags safety issues, giving subscribers time to act before the risk leads to an avoidable incident at sea. HiLo collects data from every data set, ensuring they pick up the hidden leading incidents that can easily be missed.

Collecting data from subscribers around the world, HiLo have access to a unique, bird’s eye view of the entire industry and the levels of risk facing those at sea. This means that HiLo’s team can carry out accurate analysis of each company’s biggest risks and issue regular, customised analysis to decision-makers. In this way, HiLo are actively reducing the risks to vessels and crew working at sea

Say yes to safer seas

Ready or not, the industry is changing, and it’s time for company leaders to ensure they’re ready to be a part of its future. Utilising innovations such as HiLo can have a positive impact on everything from a company’s crew to its daily operations and even its brand reputation. HiLo can streamline internal processes, taking the pressure off staff and leaving them free to focus on other priorities.

Data sharing with HiLo means there’s no room to miss a risk, so our subscribers experience increased safety levels and fewer avoidable incidents. Better yet, HiLo is proven to save lives at sea – and that’s something we’re all striving for. Sharing your data with HiLo is simple and secure, and the more companies who do it, the safer our seas are for everyone.

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