CUPID – An Interactive Innovation by HiLo

CUPID – An Interactive Innovation by HiLo

By HiLo Maritime Risk Management | January 12th, 2021

HiLo Maritime Risk Management has launched a brand new forum to improve safety in the maritime industry. CUPID gives shipping companies the chance to come together and share expertise anonymously, improving safety for the whole community. The organization uses Maritime Predictive Modelling to identify and prevent risks in the shipping industry. In the two years since the company’s incorporation, tanker customers have seen a 60% reduction in risk of uncontrolled loads, 30% reduction in risk of explosions and 26% reduction in risk of collisions.

Taking a huge leap towards enhancing Maritime Safety, HiLo launched a built-in online forum for mariners. Community Powered Ideas Dashboard, or CUPID, is the latest innovation by HiLo to help members of the shipping industry share experiences and best practice in safety management. The forum is anonymous and vetted by HiLo experts, so customers can learn from one another without exposing sensitive information.

How does the Forum Work?

Members get access to the best practices of the industry shared anonymously by HiLo’s customers and vetted by HiLo’s team of maritime experts. The practices include insights on near misses and suggestions on how to avoid incidents and accidents. The information from the forum can be used by ship managers to create safety strategies.

The members can also share the best practices on how to deal with the industry’s most stubborn issues based on their real-life experiences. Since the submissions are anonymous, it removes the factor of commercial risk. Also, since everything is in a digitised format and no record is kept on paper, the conversations remain confidential amongst HiLo’s customers. Only the highest-quality suggestions are approved by HiLo experts and shared on CUPID.

Why Join CUPID?

  • – To get the best suggestion about risks in the maritime industry.
  • – Have access to tips and tricks to prevent incidents and accidents in shipping.
  • – Stay up-to-date with how fellow seafarers are dealing with events in the industry.

CUPID is a private forum for sharing ideas and insights within the maritime community. By introducing CUPID, HiLo aims to improve transparency between mariners and develop trust between companies with the aid of digital communication. This forum has indeed enhanced the communication process for Maritime Risk Management.

How to Use the Information on Cupid?

The information shared on CUPID could also turn into a huge asset for Predictive Analysis of Shipping. The suggestions and solutions on the forum are tried and tested methods put forth by industry experts. The shipping industry has never communicated about safety issues at this level. By connecting the industry with high quality safety information, HiLo will empower a community of people passionate about saving the lives of seafarers, providing them with the resources to do so. This is a unique innovation which builds on HiLo’s Maritime Predictive Modelling which uses big data from experienced mariners who have faced near misses, incidents or accidents in shipping.

Currently, HiLo is receiving safety data from 50 of the industry’s biggest shipping companies with a collective fleet of 3800 tankers, bulk carriers and container ships. Now, HiLo is set on connecting the community on a personal level and to build better safety practices for the industry. CUPID is a secure forum where maritime professionals from shipping companies which subscribe to HiLo can participate to improve safety across the industry. The forum will crowdsource solutions to pervasive safety issues and encourage mariners to work together to create permanent solutions to recurring problems.

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