What is CUPID?

CUPID is a brand-new forum on HiLo’s portal for sharing safety insights. Subscribers can anonymously submit their suggestions for managing key risks and learn from other companies’ experiences. HiLo developed CUPID in response to subscriber feedback, closing the loop of data collection, analysis and action.

All HiLo subscribers have full use of CUPID, HiLo’s Community Powered Ideas, as part of their subscription. This community forum is a space where members can anonymously share their best practices when it comes to dealing with the events that pose risks to our fleets. When it’s time to act on the risks flagged by HiLo, CUPID enables decision makers to draw on the experiences of their peers.

HiLo use our subscribers’ full data sets and turn it into customised reports that can help shipping companies eliminate incidents at sea. HiLo’s analysis is wide-ranging, covering not just incidents, but audits, equipment and much more. This means that we can create extremely accurate insights that pinpoint their main areas of risk.

HiLo’s predictive modelling shows our subscribers what to act on – CUPID shows them how.

It starts with data

Data management is problematic for every shipping company. Companies have large amounts of data - often spread across different departments in various formats. Add to that the fact that it is not standardised, and we have a real industry challenge on our hands. HiLo are transforming the way the maritime industry handles its data, encouraging companies to anonymously share the data they collect every day.

When subscribers share their data with HiLo, we use advanced predictive modelling to highlight the biggest risks to their fleet. Our detailed reports flag the issues that pose a risk to a company’s crew and vessels. Arming company leaders with this data enables them to focus their resources on the areas that need it most. By staying one step ahead of their risks, companies can avoid unnecessary incidents at sea.



How CUPID saves lives at sea

Data sharing with HiLo is only the first step. To reduce the risks to their crew and improve the safety of our seas, companies need to take effective action to address the risks detailed in their HiLo reports.

CUPID enables company leaders to draw on the experiences and advice of other seafarers, so they can decide how to address their own risks. For every high risk identified for our subscribers, CUPID offers clear guidance from those who have faced the same issues.

CUPID users anonymously update the forum with their own best practices, which are verified by HiLo’s experts. When a subscriber checks the dashboard, they will find proven solutions waiting to help them plan their next steps.

CUPID enables company decision makers to build recommended solutions into their day-to-day processes. HiLo identifies the key risks facing a fleet, and CUPID empowers companies to eliminate them.

In a nutshell:
  • CUPID offers industry good practices for dealing with risk
  • Subscribers can easily access advice and guidance from others
  • All information is verified by HiLo’s experts
  • CUPID enables decision makers to react to risks with confidence.


    How HiLo’s CUPID works:

    CUPID is a forum on the HiLo portal open to all HiLo subscribers. HiLo identifies the top risks across its fleet, along with their leading indicators, and publishes them on CUPID. HiLo subscribers submit suggestions for how to manage these risks, based on real world experience. All submissions are anonymised, giving mariners a secure platform to share valuable safety insights.


    Upload suggestions to combat common risks


    HiLo experts review CUPID suggestions for quality


    Explore practical, effective solutions to your highest risks