HiLo at CLSICO Seminar

Getting better data with CLSICO

Many thanks to CLSICO for giving HiLo the opportunity to talk about good vs bad reporting of safety related events.

It is one of the basic tenets of data analysis – the better the raw data, the better the conclusions you can draw from it. In shipping, this can be a challenge, as the people who report on safety every day – the seafarers – are not the same people who use that data to drive decisions. HiLo closes that gap by helping its subscribers to improve everything from the raw data to the final risk analysis.

Getting seafarers engaged

Andy Cross worked with the officers and management team at China LNG Shipping International Co Ltd (CLSICO) during their recent Officers’ Seminar in Manchester. He explained how using HiLo directly improves their ability to improve safety on board. By engaging seafarers with the HiLo system, Andy was able to remind seafarers of the part they play in managing their own wellbeing.

In order to provide the best guidance for decision making, HiLo outlined the difference between good data and poor data, which originates from the shipboard staff themselves. Andy highlighted to the officers that they have control over the source data, and the impact they have on reporting quality.

The quality of reporting coming from vessels directly affects:

·        how easily their own vessel management can interpret what has happened and assist

·        how HiLo interprets the source data to provide the most useful insights.

In short, if the officers can provide a quality information source, then in return they receive quality advice from their management via HiLo as the go-to safety analytics tool.

If would like HiLo to help you improve the quality of safety reporting in your fleet, please contact us at enquiries@hilomrm.com.

Thank you to Nikos Kefalas, CLSICO HSSE Q&A Manager for inviting HiLo to speak at their Officers’ Seminar.

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