Focus on information security

HiLo’s most important asset is its customer data. As a hub for maritime safety data, we understand our responsibility to our customers across the industry. Because of this, we aim for the highest level of information security possible. This is why HiLo is aiming to be ISO certified in information security in the first half of 2019.

By certifying to ISO27001 HiLo will ensure that its processes are best in class. While we already rigorously test our systems, this certification will give customers even greater peace of mind.

At present, HiLo keeps customer data on Microsoft Azure. This is one of the world’s largest, most secure cloud providers, which is already ISO27001 certified. For more details of Microsoft Azure’s information security certifications, take a look here. Data encryption and anonymisation add further levels of protection, so you can always be sure that your information is safe.

For more information about HiLo and information security, contact us or email enquiries

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