Bulker model development at Singapore workshop

The first stage of HiLo’s bulker risk model is now underway and will be available by the end of the year.

Building on its successful tanker risk model, HiLo kicked off a first of its kind bulker risk model with a workshop in Singapore. Maritime professionals from some of the world’s leading companies participated in these workshops. The HiLo team thanks them for their active participation and contribution towards transforming the industry.

The team identified the high impact events (Undesired Events) most relevant to bulkers and their precursors (Leading Events). These insights help HiLo to build a more relevant model, focusing on the events which are of highest concern to the maritime industry.

A container model will go into development in Q4 2018. To get involved, please email enquiries@hilomrm.com.

HiLo Bulker Model Singapore

Pictured left to right: Hardeep Mundae, Kyriakos Kalafatis, Sohail Khan, Igor Nikolaiev, Maria Rodriguez-Clemente, Mads Walther, Afshan Hussein, Andy Franks. Not pictured: Manit Chander

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