The Groundbreaking Information Platform by HiLo

Ever wonder how your fleet is performing in comparison to the wider industry? The HiLo Open Platform (HOP) makes it possible to find out. Our state-of-the-art HiLo Open Platform (HOP) gives tanker and bulk carrier operators the ability to benchmark their number of high impact events against industry norms. High impact events are accidents or incidents at sea that can cause injury, loss of life or damage to ships. This powerful tool shows shipping companies where they rank for safety against the rest of the industry.

By uploading their data to HOP, ship operators can see where they need to focus to improve the safety of their fleets. HOP is a free and open platform and is already proving an invaluable resource for tanker and bulk carrier operators around the world.

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How HOP works:


Open Platform

The platform is free and open to all tanker and bulk carrier operators within the maritime industry. They can easily have access to HOP via the HiLo portal.


Performance Benchmarking

Input your fleet size and vessel types to run a comparison against the rest of the maritime industry. Benchmarking shows your number of high impact events by incident type and whether you rank higher or lower than the industry average.


Effective Analysis

The benchmarking process helps tanker and bulk carrier operators see how they compare against the industry. Analysis by incident type shows where you are leading the industry and where you could make improvements.


Together in Safety

HOP was developed in partnership with Together in Safety, with the aim of helping to make our seas safer through data sharing. HiLo has transformed attitudes to data sharing within the maritime industry, saving lives through predictive modelling and big data analytics.

Together in Safety are a non-regulatory industry group dedicated to improving safety within the maritime industry. Together in Safety drives the entire sector to unite and work together for safer seas. The platform publishes a regular Shipping Safety Report, helping to highlight areas for improvement across the industry. HiLo’s goal of improving safety for seafarers made us the natural choice to work with Together in Safety, and together we created HOP.

Benchmark your incidents, fatalities and injuries against the rest of the industry. HOP gives you a brand-new insight into maritime safety.

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Become a Subscriber

With HOP, Hilo has made it easy for companies to see their position in the industry. Companies can use the revolutionary benchmarking platform to understand how they compare against the rest of the industry.

By taking the next step and subscribing to HiLo’s paid services, companies can share their data with HiLo in exchange for regular, personalised reports highlighting the biggest risks to their fleet and crew.

HiLo collects and standardises full data sets from our customers, so we can catch the leading indicators missed by other systems. Our world-leading predictive model analyses this big data and provides you with a holistic view of risk.

Our reports flag the areas that require attention based on a company’s weak signals, making it easy to pinpoint where to allocate resources to improve safety. The support does not stop there. Our knowledge sharing platform, CUPID, gives you access to the expertise of the whole HiLo community, helping you to make the best decisions for your fleet. HiLo’s analysis empowers company leaders to protect the lives of their crew and prevent high impact incidents by acting on the best data available.

Reach us at https://hilomrm.com/contact-us/ to find out how HiLo can benefit your company.