Revolutionising Maritime Safety

What HiLo can do for you

Secure Data Analysis

HiLo uses innovative modelling software to analyse your risk levels. This data is never shared with competitors or regulatory bodies.

Anchored in Real Life

HiLo uses near miss and incident data already collected onboard. These incidents are the foundation of HiLo's analysis.

Actionable Insights

Work with maritime subject matter experts gives HiLo unprecedented access to industry best practices. HiLo empowers shipping companies to make the best decisions.


The shipping industry is vital for society, carrying 90% of goods transported globally, but it can also be a dangerous industry. High impact shipping incidents can lead to injuries, fatalities and environmental damage.

HiLo (High Impact Low Frequency) Maritime Risk Management is a not for profit joint industry initiative which uses a predictive mathematical model to enhance industry safety. By reading and analysing several precursors (weak signals), HiLo can predict the likelihood of more serious events. This information guides partner actions, helping to avoid potential high impact incidents.

HiLo Maritime Risk Management welcomes new partners. The more the industry collaborates, the greater the quantity of data and the more effective this program will be.


Container Model Open for Business

Do you manage container ships? Are you keen on avoiding high impact incidents in your fleet? HiLo’s expert analysis and sophisticated statistical model gives you the power to predict and prevent high impact incidents across your fleet, protecting your ships and saving lives. HiLo’s container model is now up and running. Sign up now to […]

Getting better data with CLSICO

Many thanks to CLSICO for giving HiLo the opportunity to talk about good vs bad reporting of safety related events. It is one of the basic tenets of data analysis – the better the raw data, the better the conclusions you can draw from it. In shipping, this can be a challenge, as the people […]


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