Getting Started

HiLo was founded in 2016 by Shell Shipping and Maritime, Maersk Tankers A/S and Lloyd’s Register Consulting as an independent joint industry initiative. The project was set up to echo hugely successful predictive risk modelling projects from rail and aviation in the maritime industry. In this industry, the data required is currently collected onboard, but not used to its full potential. With HiLo, crews have a vested interest in providing the highest quality data, as it has a direct impact on their own safety.

HiLo Maritime Risk Management is saving lives in the shipping industry by changing the way companies address risk. HiLo analyses thousands of data points using a predictive risk model, producing recommendations for improved safety onboard. Armed with this information, companies using HiLo analysis can stop catastrophes in their tracks.

Going Forward

Currently focused on the tanker sector, the HiLo model can be tailored to all ship types, including tankers, bulk carriers, containers, ferries, cruise liners, and potentially naval vessels. Our hope is that HiLo will pave the way for further collaboration across the industry, driving improvements in safety performance.