HOP - The Groundbreaking Information Platform by HiLo

HiLo is transforming the way information is shared within the maritime industry. We believe that data collection and sharing is crucial for keeping seafarers safe every day. Working towards our goal of reducing maritime incidents, we have launched a state-of-the-art information sharing platform. HiLo Open Platform (HOP) is a free, open platform for tanker operators to see how their incident levels compare with others in the industry. The invention has been executed in partnership with Together in Safety, which is a non-regulatory industry consortium connecting the maritime sector with the common purpose of working together to improve safety performance.

HOP is an easily accessible platform which gives tanker operators the ability to benchmark the number of high impact events that have occurred in their fleet against the overall HiLo fleet. A high impact event is an incident or accident that can result in serious injury, fatality or significant damage to assets. This powerful benchmarking tool will show shipping companies where they rank amongst the best in the industry i.e the HiLo subscribers, regarding safety. The tanker operators will be able to see where they need to focus in order to improve the safety of their fleets.

How does HOP work?

Open Platform - The platform is open to all tanker operators within the maritime industry. It is easy to register and access via the HOP website. The platform is completely free. To unlock even more benefits, contact us to become a HiLo subscriber or check out Our Services.

Performance Benchmarking - Input your fleet size and vessel types to run a comparison against the HiLo fleet. Benchmarking shows your number of high impact events by incident type and where you rank higher or lower than HiLo subscribers collectively.

Effective Analysis - The benchmarking process helps tanker operators see how they compare against the HiLo fleet. Analysis by incident type shows where you are leading the industry and where you could make improvements so you can easily tailor your responses to have the greatest impact.

HiLo Maritime Risk Management works with 50+ of the world’s leading shipping companies to improve safety across the maritime industry. As the industry’s knowledge center, HiLo was the best choice to put together an information sharing platform for maritime safety. Building on years of data gathering and predictive analytics, HiLo is delivering a way for tanker operators to see how they fit into the rest of the industry.

In 2019, Together in Safety accepted HiLo’s bid to develop a free open platform for tanker operators to benchmark safety levels against the HiLo fleet. In 2020 HiLo launched HOP, a game changing way for companies to understand how their number of incidents compare against industry leaders in safety.

HiLo is constantly making new innovations to bring clarity to the complex world of shipping. With HOP, Hilo has made it easy for companies to see their strengths and weaknesses in maritime safety. Companies can use the revolutionary benchmarking platform and to understand where they need to focus their time and energy.

If you wish to take you fleet safety to the next level become a Subscriber

Want an even more effective way of managing risk? Members of the shipping industry can gain access to a wider range of premium benefits by becoming a HiLo subscriber. HiLo’s world leading predictive modelling analysis automatically collects every data set from your fleet to identify leading indicators connected with high impact incidents. Data from over 3800 ships across more than 50 companies are collected and analysed to generate never before seen insights into maritime risk. Highly visual dashboards and in-depth reports identify the highest risks to your fleet and provide you with good practices on how to manage them. Reach us at https://hilomrm.com/contact-us/ to find out how HiLo can help you.

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