HiLo’s vision is to unite the global maritime industry through data. The knowledge shared with HiLo has the power to save lives across the maritime industry and beyond

HiLo is the only company in the world with access to the internal safety data of 50 shipping companies. The information collected by shipping companies every day make up the industry’s best chance of stopping shipping accidents. HiLo uses this data to predict high impact events, so shipping companies can avoid injury, loss of life or damage to their ships. The analysis carried out by HiLo empowers shipping companies to save seafarers’ lives by building safety campaigns on the best information.

HiLo was founded in 2016 by Shell Shipping and Maritime, Maersk Tankers A/S and Lloyd’s Register Consulting to answer the question ‘is there anything we can do to predict and prevent shipping accidents?’ These high impact, low frequency events are notoriously difficult to predict and are responsible for the deaths of thousands of seafarers. HiLo revolutionised risk analysis, using never before exploited data and a first-of-its-kind maritime statistical model to empower shipping companies to save the lives of their seafarers.

The first prototype was developed by Shell and Maersk, built by LR Energy Consulting and peer-reviewed by experts at Imperial College London. In the second stage, the model was piloted by 10 high-profile shipping companies, Gaslog, Maran Gas, Northern Marine, Stolt, Teekay, Torm, Tsakos Columbia Ship Management and V Ships. It was then reviewed by The Alan Turing Institute and 20 new companies joined the HiLo fleet. HiLo became an independant company in 2018.

Ground-breaking Services

The HiLo fleet is made up of over 4000 vessels from more than 50 companies.
We provide a wide range of services for various vessel types.

HiLo has made a positive impact on 66% of top tanker risks. HiLo’s members have seen a 32% reduction in explosions, 20% reduction in uncontrolled loads, and 10% reduction in fuel spills.

Tanker Model Services:

HiLo has made a positive impact on 95% bulk carrier risk. HiLo’s members have seen a 25% reduction in collisions, 24% reductions in allisions, and 13% reduction in explosions.

Bulk Carriers Services:

Model currently in development. To take part in the pilot of this model please contact us.

Model currently in development. To take part in the pilot of this model please contact us.

If you do not see your vessel type, contact us to discuss a model to suit your needs.

If you do not see your vessel type, contact us to discuss a model to suit your needs.

  • Predictive Modelling

    HiLo’s expert analysis of statistics and reports from over 50 shipping companies predicts maritime incidents that can be prevented using proven safety guidelines.

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    CUPID is a new forum introduced by HiLo for shipping companies to share best practices based on their own experiences. Community Powered Ideas (CUPID) is an innovation by HiLo to enhance information sharing within the maritime industry.

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  • Human Reliability Model

    75% of accidents within the maritime industry are linked to Human Errors. HiLo has built the first-ever Maritime Human Reliability Model to improve safety in the maritime industry.

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  • HOP- HiLo Open Platform

    HiLo Open Platform is a free open platform for tanker and bulk carrier operators to compare their high impact events against the rest of the industry. HOP aims to open up the way information is shared in the maritime industry to improve safety for everyone.

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Over 50 of the world’s leading shipping companies anonymously share their data with HiLo in return for in-depth risk analysis. Some of the biggest names in the industry are committed to making our seas safer for everyone by sharing their full internal safety data, including incident logs, audit reports and unscheduled work orders. This system is automatic, with no need for classification or standardisation, so HiLo receives every piece of safety data collected from over 4000 ships.

Predictive modelling is used to assess data to calculate risks, enabling shipping companies to take action to limit danger to lives, the environment and their bottom lines. The more companies who share their data, the greater the benefit for the industry. Anonymous data sharing enables companies to learn from one another, turning everyday data into invaluable insights that can save lives.


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