HiLo is a one-of-a-kind risk management company dedicated to increasing safety in the shipping industry. Our statistical model uses the complete data sets collected by shipping companies on a daily basis to make the most accurate predictive analysisin the industry. HiLo’s data analysis system is based on proven statistics and real world maritime experience, showing where low-level issues can result in injuries, vessel damage, or even loss of life. Hilo uses big data analysis to show shipping companies where to act to avoid these potentially disastrous situations.

Shipping companies experience unexpected events and incidents that can cause safety issues for the entire industry. To strengthen the safety foundation of the shipping industry, HiLo examines the causes of all kinds of risks - from human errors to operational dangers.

With HiLo predictive analysis for the shipping industry, the risk numbers are already declining. Tankers have seen their risk of uncontrolled load incidents reduced by 60% and explosions by 30%. Bulkers have seen a 25% drop in collision risk and 24% drop in allision risk, amongst others.


What HiLo Does:

HiLo uses big data and predictive analytics to identify the highest risks to your vessels through:

  • Comprehensive data collection and analysis to uncover the near misses and leading indicators that may cause accidents.
  • Identifying risk factors for your fleet on our easy to use, interactive portal.
  • Advanced automation technology collect and analyse your data.
  • Good practices from the HiLo community of shipping companiesto solve key problems.

Everything is available on a single platform, so it is easy to see the best decisions for your fleet.

The maritime knowledge database This allows you to access suggestions and expertise of others who have faced near misses, incidents or accidents in real-life. You can plan preventative steps from the past experience of other mariners , saving you the effort of having to develop whole new campaigns from scratch.

HiLo is the best when it comes to collecting the industry’s casualty and incident data. With our unique statistical predictive model, we have raised the bar of trust amongst companies in the maritime industry.

  • 5X more data available on collisions
  • 5X more data available on lifeboat incidents
  • 30X more data available on mooring equipment failure
  • 8X more data available on flooding
  • 3X more data available on grounding

HiLo uses anonymised data from across its fleet to calculate risks and their impact. With our automatic data collection and predictive model, we are helping shipping companies to raise safety standards.

We deliver accurate reports and update our dashboards with analysis from data our customers submit every month. Monthly alerts talk about the incidents which have occurred in the last month while quarterly reports provide each shipping company with detailed risk analysis. Quarterly reports also include anonymised risk analysis for the rest of the HiLo fleet. Thereport analysis further aids the industry in avoiding risks before they become a problem.

HiLo’s interactive risk platform is currently available for tankers and bulk carriers. The service for container ships and platform supply vessels will be available in 2021. If you are looking for a service that HiLo doesn’t yet provide – get in contact to talk about a model to meet your needs.

How HiLo Process Works:

  • Data Collection: HiLo collects full data sets from each participating company, including incident and accident data, near misses, audit logs and other data sources.
  • Data Analysis: HiLo’s predictive modelcalculates the highest risks for each shipping company and the potential impact of a catastrophic incident.
  • Actionable Insights:HiLo provides high quality analysis in easy to understand dashboards, giving ship managers clear guidance on where to focus for the best results.

HiLo is a unique data predictive model that is helping to strengthen the safety foundation of the ShippingIndustry. From data collection to consolidating the final result, HiLo helps the shipping industry to identifyrisk factors missed by other systems.

Add- On Services:

CUPID- Community Powered Ideas Dashboard

HiLo recently launched a new interactive forum for its customers. CUPID a forum for maritime experts to share their experiences on how to tackle the industry’s most pressing issues. Members can get access to the best practices of the shipping industry and suggestions from those who know it best. The practices include insights on near misses and recommendations on how to avoid incidents and accidents. The members can also submit their own real-life experiences to improve safety for their fellow mariners. The submissions are anonymous and vetted by HiLo’s team of experts before being posted on CUPID. Only the highest-quality suggestions make it to the platform. The information shared on CUPID is both useful and practical to implement, helping members to plan the most efficient and effective safety campaigns.

Human Reliability Model

Almost 75% of accidents in the maritime industry are caused by human error. That makes human behaviour the most uncertain factor when it comes to predicting high impact incidents. Human error significantly increases the risk of fatal incidents and damage to vessels and equipment during shipping. To find a solution to this problem, HiLo’s has created the Human Reliability Model, the first quantitative method used to measure human reliability in the maritime industry. The system combines psychological research into what causes human error with HiLo’s world-leading statistical modelling. Using this model, HiLo can identify the environmental factors which increase the likelihood of human error, and predict where these are likely to lead to serious accidents.

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