All services currently available for tankers and bulk carriers. Container models are in development – please contact us to find out more


Comprehensive reports are the cornerstone of shipping communication. HiLo services take this one step further, providing detailed information for individual subscribing companies and the HiLo fleet as a whole. All data is anonymised, which gives you the chance to see global trends with the confidence that your own information is protected. Contact us to to see how HiLo could work for you, or see below for more information.

Our Services

Safety Alerts
Every month HiLo issues a Safety Alert to our subscribers. This report highlights pertinent events to the subscribers as they are reported each month across the HiLo fleet. This gives subscribers access to early warning signals and means that they can take preventative actions.
Quarterly Reports
Each quarter HiLo issues three types of report covering the events and analysis results from the previous 12 months for all participating vessels. These include:

  • A company summary. This is a short report containing the highest risks for each fleet. Each risk is broken down into leading event to give a clear view of company risk priorities. Furthermore, this summary provides the same breakdown at HiLo Fleet level. This gives each company the ability to compare their own risks against the anonymised HiLo fleet. Please note, this report is only available to the individual company.
  • HiLo Fleet technical report. This report is an in depth view of anonymised data from all participating companies. This report is available to all subscribers.
  • A company technical report. This is a detailed view of the last year of company data, covering all undesired events and their leading events. As a result, this report is only available to the individual company.
Deep Dives
Some risks require more in-depth analysis. With the assistance of our subscribers we collect further information on these events to identify areas of concern as well as examples of relevant good practice. Consequently mariners can develop more effective safety campaigns based on high quality data.

Container models are currently under development. Please contact us to get involved. The ferry model will be developed later this year.

For more information on the services we provide, email enquiries