HiLo Maritime Risk Management is working towards developing safety measures for the maritime industry. Our advanced Maritime Predictive Modelling collects and shares data with a network of 3800 ships from 50 companies. Taking a leap towards improving communication within mariners, we have incorporated CUPID- Community Powered Ideas Dashboard into the HiLo portal. CUPID is a built in forum for HiLo customers to anonymously share their experiences of how to prevent and manage shipping incidents. This gives HiLo customers access to best practices and proven solutions to deal with the industry’s most stubborn events.

HiLo’s customers can have access to best practices on how to deal with the industry’s most stubborn events. The subscribers can also submit suggestions and insights based on their own experiences.

To make sure that the suggestions are informative and useful, they are screened first. The suggestions are vetted by HiLo’s team of experts before being posted on the forum. The submissions are anonymous to ensure secrecy regarding sensitive information. Only the highest quality suggestions are approved by HiLo’s experts and shared on the forum. This addition to HiLo’s Maritime Knowledge Database provides valuable new insights to help shipping companies improve safety on their vessels. The aim of the forum is to assist in the decision-making process of ship managers. Mariners can also share their insights about maritime safety on the digital platform.

Why Join HiLo Community Powered Ideas Dashboard (CUPID)? 

  • Get the best suggestions and insights about safety from experienced mariners.
  • Submit suggestions on how to deal with events based on your experience.
  • Save money and time through a built-in forum for digital communication.
  • Have access to a safety catalogue of proven good practices.
  • Be in the loop and keep up with industry-related information.

Since the solutions are tried and tested by mariners and checked by HiLo experts, they can easily be put into practice to manage near misses and incidents within the maritime industry. CUPID aims to build a community of mariners where they can get suggestions about dealing with dangerous shipping situations. The members can also share insights based on real-life and hands-on experiences.

CUPID- How it Works

  • Forum: All HiLo customers have access to the forum on the HiLo portal. Members from HiLo’s network of over 50 shipping companies can take part in the discussions.
  • Suggestions: Members can share their suggestions and insights for others to see. Members use their real-life experiences to advise other mariners about what to do to avoid or manage near misses, accidents and incidents.
  • Vetting: HiLo’s team of maritime experts vet each suggestion before publishing to CUPID to ensure all suggestions are high quality, effective and practical to implement.


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