Safety Alerts

Every month we issue a Safety Alert to our subscribers. This collates anonymised information on recently reported events of particular concern or interest.

Quarterly Reports

Each quarter we issue an overall report, covering the events reported and analysis results for all participating vessels. At the same time we issue each company with a similar report, but focussing solely on their own fleet.

Deep Dives

Periodically we dive more deeply into the analysis results to see which specific weak signals are driving the risk. With the assistance of our subscribers we collect further information on such events to identify important features or recurring themes.

We identify examples of relevant good practice. The results of the Deep Dive investigations are used to formulate advice to subscribers on actions they may wish to take to reduce risk.

Confidentiality of company data is a core principle of HiLo. The pooled data from all participating vessels enables us to generate insights which might not be available to any individual company, but at the same time we are careful to preserve this confidentiality.

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