Strive for Continuous Improvement with HiLo

Strive for Continuous Improvement with HiLo

By Mahima | July 15th, 2021

In the maritime industry, reputation is everything. Shipping companies across the sector feel the pressure to stay one step ahead of their competitors in every way possible. If you want to establish your company as the best in your field, why not start with your safety standards?

Although the industry has seen vast improvements in incident levels over recent years, we still have a long way to go. Company leaders agree that the safety of their crew comes before anything else. Being the best means leading the way when it comes to protecting your crew and your vessels at sea.

To continuously improve, companies need to take a step back and approach things differently. Those who aren’t afraid to adopt a new approach to issues like safety are the ones who stand out from their peers, forging the way towards improved safety across the sector.

HiLo can help you improve the safety of your crew and your vessels, helping you to build on your reputation as an industry leader. Subscribing to HiLo shows that you’re unwilling to settle for the minimum standards of safety, and you’re striving to improve wherever possible.

How HiLo can improve your fleet safety

HiLo is helping shipping companies upgrade their approach to safety. We collect companies’ internal data and use advanced predictive modelling to protect lives at sea. Using our transformative predictive modelling, we analyse data from every data set to highlight leading indicators that can go on to cause catastrophic incidents at sea.

We provide regular, detailed analysis to company leaders, flagging the issues most likely to lead to an incident within their fleet. This enables them to address the biggest risks to their fleet and crew, eliminating dangers before they lead to real incidents. Through data sharing, HiLo’s subscribers are making our seas safer for everyone.

We’re a not-for-profit company dedicated to the simple goal of saving lives at sea, and our work is widely recognised as transforming industry attitudes to safety. Subscribing to HiLo is the best way to reduce the risk of incidents within your fleet, helping to improve your safety standards and strengthen your crew’s confidence.

Take a proactive approach to risk with HiLo

Instead of just counting the number of historical incidents, HiLo applies statistical analysis to understand which day-to-day issues are most likely to result in serious incidents. We offer companies the chance to take a proactive approach to risk, cutting out avoidable incidents that can cost lives. We use company data to help decision-makers tackle key risks before they escalate into incidents and compromise crew safety.

To continue to improve safety across the industry, we all need to work together, and data sharing enables this. We are the only risk management company who analyse multiple data sets from across different departments. By analysing a range of data sets, we can report on the biggest risks to your crew with no room for uncertainty.

We collect data that nobody else in the industry does. Every single year, we use our predictive modelling to analyse hundreds of thousands of data points. Because we have the industry’s largest database for leading events, we utilise our vast pool of data and expert analysis to calculate risks and their potential impact on your fleet.

Be the best in your field, with HiLo

If you’re striving for continuous improvement, HiLo can help you to set a new standard in maritime safety. Sharing your data in exchange for lifesaving, customised analysis is a simple way to improve safety within your fleet and boost your reputation as a leader in your field.

Subscribing to HiLo demonstrates that you’re doing everything you can to protect your crew, helping you be a forward-thinking company that prioritises safety.

Contact us today to find out more about how HiLo can keep your crew safe and improve your fleet’s safety standards

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