Manit Chander at the ODI

Using Data to Save Lives – HiLo at the Open Data Institute

Data is one of the biggest driving forces for change in our society. To understand how to make the most of this phenomenon, the Open Data Institute opened its doors to experts across industries to discuss the topic ‘Data for Safety’. As well as informative panels discussing the challenges and opportunities of data sharing, the ODI put the spotlight on companies who have been successful in breaking new grounds around data sharing. HiLo’s CEO Manit Chander was there to talk about the barriers to data sharing and how industries can overcome them.

By analysing internal safety data from over 42 companies with 3000 ships, HiLo has tapped into a resource which has never been used at this scale. Shipping companies hold the best data to improve the industry for the long term. Through sharing that data in a safe, anonymised way, companies are empowered to make the best decisions for the safety of their own crew. To see how HiLo can improve safety for your fleet, go to or email enquiries

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