HiLo Wins IET Safety Tech Award!

HiLo is incredibly proud to announce that we have won the Safety Tech Award 2019 from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). IET Events Group Manager, Tanya Spencer, said: “The IET’s distinctive Innovation Awards celebrate the very best in new innovations in science, engineering and technology from around the world.’ HiLo is excited to […]

HiLo meets Nusrat Ghani!

UK Member of Parliament, Nusrat Ghani, came to visit HiLo for Maritime Safety Week 2019. As part of a showcase of innovative maritime ventures, Emily Dyson and Maria Rodriguez Clemente highlighted the ways in which our subscribers have reduced risks and improved safety for their seafarers by using the HiLo system. Ms Ghani, Parliamentary Under-Secretary […]

Using Data to Save Lives – HiLo at the Open Data Institute

Data is one of the biggest driving forces for change in our society. To understand how to make the most of this phenomenon, the Open Data Institute opened its doors to experts across industries to discuss the topic ‘Data for Safety’. As well as informative panels discussing the challenges and opportunities of data sharing, the […]

Safety data in the shipping industry – to share or not to share?

There is a myth in the maritime industry that shipping companies don’t want to share safety data. HiLo debunked that myth in a presentation at the SAFETY4SEA London conference. As part of an expert panel talking about risk management in the maritime industry, Manit Chander talked about how we make it safe and worthwhile for […]
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